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Create your event page, promote it, and start selling tickets online with just a few clicks.

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Ticket fees can be paid easily via our secure processing system with credit cards or local ATM cards. If your customers don’t want to pay online, we will print out tickets and deliver to their address to collect money for you.

Keep track of the event professionally

Get organized and have it all under control with our statistic data. From ticket sales to number of pageviews, participants’ database and check-in tracking, we’ve got you all covered with the easiest tools to use.

Save time and money

From courses, conferences, festivals, fundraisers, parties, meetings, performances, sports and events of all kinds. We do all the ticketing hassles so you can focus in putting up the best events.
What others are saying about us
  • "TicketBox's solution made our checkin process lightning fast, it was the first time we'd ever had to handle over 1,600 people in one day, and it was a breeze."
    Anh-Minh Do
    Organizer of Barcamp Saigon
  • “TicketBox offers a handy and useful tool to manage our events in the most professional manner. ”
    Linh Hoang
    Organizer of VYE BootCamp
  • “TicketBox is the most useful event management tool in Vietnam.”
    Otohiko Kozutsumi
    Organizer of TEDxSeeds
  • "Ticketbox offers not only fast and convenient ticketing service but also great customer support."
    Keith Schulz
    General Director of Vilube Corporation
  • "I love how convenient is, it allows me and my wife to order tickets online instead of having to drive all the way to a box office.”
    Don Pham
    CEO at
  • "TicketBox made buying theater tickets in Vietnam super easy. It's like having the equivalent of TicketMaster back home in the USA but perhaps a bit more efficient. It couldn't have been easier."
    Catherine Bledsoe


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