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A O show proudly presents its new version - A O My Village Version which depicts the poetry memoir of Northern Vietnam. 



 LanToi, which translates to my village. It is a unique circus experience which is neither traditional circus nor theatre, but a hybrid utilizing acrobats, singers, musicians and Vietnamese culture. The cast takes the audience through a journey of different tableaux and sketches with huge bamboo poles and is presented without an intermission. Director Tuan le pulled from Vietnamese culture and history to build this show.


"In the past everything was linked to bamboo. From life to death, it built homes and villages. I wanted to create a show that was the illusion of village life – workers in the paddy fields, feasts, chores and games"  - Tuan Le, Director.


Bamboo poles are used to construct the set and are the foundation and platform for the circus acts – contortion, acrobatics and juggling. The twenty artists tell their stories of rural life while five musicians, playing captivating traditional Vietnamese music, improvise to follow the artists on ancient instruments. This innovative circus borrows from circus, music, dance, and theatre practices to create a new interdisciplinary art form. Lang Toi is tranquil journey, spirited and poetic.




Bamboo Cirque
Contemporary Dance

17 Vietnamese musical instruments.

Approximately 60 minutes


Regular price:


wow! [W]: 1.470.000 VND
ooh! [O]: 1.050.000 VND 
aah! [A]: 630.000 VND




wow! [W]: 1.025.000 VND
ooh! [O]: 735.000 VND 
aah! [A]: 435.000 VND


*Please arrive 30 minutes before show time in order to exchange ticket for Theater Pass at theater pass counter.







A O Show by Tuan Le

Conception & Creators
Tuan Le | Nguyen Lan Maurice | Tan Loc | Nhat Ly

Tuan Le
Nhat Ly
Music Band Leader
Thanh Hai
Training Concept
Nguyen Lan Maurice
Tan Loc
Guest Choreographer
Cathy Nguyen
Lighting Designer
Cyril Le Brozec

Some 22 Vietnamese performers & musicians
[Diverse background: Cirque, Casscadeur, Martial Art]

Presented by Lune Entertainment




My Village Version is also available on:


25 Jan 2014

26 Jan 2014 




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aah! [A]

435.000 VND
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ooh! [O]

735.000 VND
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wow! [W]

1.025.000 VND
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À Ố Show is a new kind of art performance commonly acknowledged globally as [new circus]. The show surpasses all the limits that was previously constructed by many other art shows in Vietnam over the years. Audience is offered the opportunity to let loose their imagination once they are set off by the visual creation and lighting of each performance. The word “amazed” does not even begin to describe it the moment the audience see themselves walking on a small walkway of the sweet and breezy Southern Vietnam, wondering pass the surging dunes of the Southern Central only to find themselves ended up in front of a lotus swamp. Every now and then audience can hear echoes of a southern chanty and the traditional music of “Don Ca Tai Tu”. All the details that are portraited and recorded of the show reflect the spirit of the Vietnamese people and their heritage
Lang Toi - My Village is a different imagination about esthetic, staging and feeling for a creation of new circus .
All the details that are portraited and recorded of the show reflect the spirit of the Vietnamese people and their heritage

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