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How can we create supportive and engaging learning environments?

​Our capacity for learning as human beings influences and shapes our individual and collective future. Therefore, creating supportive and engaging learning environments that allow people to open up, embrace who they really are and realize their full potential is of great importance to reach outcomes that are innovative, exciting and fulfilling for all. But how can we create such learning environments?

You are invited to explore this question at the first Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter in Vietnam, a 3-day training designed for learning a set of simple yet powerful tools, methods and practices. Those can support you in building communities, activating the potential of individuals and groups, and fostering a type of leadership that invites collaboration, innovation and creativity.

​The first training in Vietnam will be held by an international team of experienced facilitators who will come especially for this occasion. The 3 days will happen in a retreat setting at a resort close to Hanoi, where participants will live together and stay close to nature.



Thông tin vé

Sleeping in the community house

8.500.000 VND
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Participant will stay in a stilt house with all other participants and organizing team.

Sleeping in a private room (couple or twin)

9.500.000 VND
10.100.000 VND Vé ngừng bán online

Participant will share a double room (2 beds) with another.

Sleeping in a private room (single)

10.500.000 VND
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