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Have a chatbot idea? Building a chatbot but struggling to provide a good user experience?


Learn how to create a better chatbot at our bot user experience design workshop, this Saturday, June 4th, from 10am-5pm.



We design products using Prototype Thinking principles, a product creation philosophy conceived of by Google Glass inventor Tom Chi, while heading the GoogleX product team.


  • Doing is the best form of thinking
  • Maximize the rate of learning by reducing the time to try
  • Your product is the experience of your users


The workshop will be focused more on building and less on instruction.



Participants will be prototyping and building their chatbots, and exchanging feedback with each other.


The general format of the workshop will be a few cycles like this:


  1. Brief introduction of key principles
  2. Start building
  3. Receive feedback and iterate


The topics may include any of the following, depending on the needs of the participants:


  • Introduction to Prototype Thinking
  • Chatbot experience design principles
  • Chatbot design framework
  • Chatbot prototyping tools and techniques
  • Chatbot building technologies



Saturday, June 4th, 10am-5pm


10am-10:30am - Introductions
10:30am-12pm - Build cycle 1
12pm-1pm - Lunch
1pm-3pm - Build cycle 2
3pm-3:30pm - Break, snacks, drinks
3:30pm-5pm - Build cycle 3


Who Should Attend

Teams or individuals looking to create a new chatbot or improve their existing chatbot.


The workshop is limited to 20 people.




You will learn how to design magical bot experiences that your users love, and understand some of the tools you can use to prototype and build your bots.


You will have a working bot prototype that real users can talk to and interact with!

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