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From Risk Management Expert: 

24 November 2018, Monday (2:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.)

Fortuna Hotel, Ha Noi


Continued with the impressive performance, Vietnam’s banking industry has witnessed a dynamic growth within the first half of this year. This favourable condition, in some way, has boosted the banking’s credit expansion to the concerning level. The impacts of rapid credit growth have raised a growing concern on the quality of lending and credit risk among many banks. Realized this situation, the State Bank of Vietnam exerted the credit growth limits, causing the restraint on the commercial bank’s growth.


To answer the key issues on the banking outlook, we are delighted to invite Mr. Kevin Green from HSBC Bank Vietnam Ltd. to share his expertise and insights on:

  • Framework for assessing credit risk in Banks
  • Views on the credit quality and issues in the Vietnam Banking sector
  • Outlook for the Banking sector


Join us on Saturday, 24th November to listen to our expert, share your view and network with fellow CFA charter holders and like-minded professionals.


*Please note that the views expressed in this event are those of our guest speaker and do not necessarily reflect the views of CFA Community Vietnam.



Mr. Kevin Green – Chief Risk Officer of HSBC Bank Vietnam Ltd.


Kevin Green joined HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd. in the role of Chief Risk Officer in January, 2016. He has been with the HSBC Group for over 20 years, initially covering a variety of roles in Retail and Commercial Banking before specialising in Risk Management. His Risk Management responsibilities have covered Risk Appetite, Stress Testing and Wholesale Credit Risk.


*Please provide your name card and your ticket at the reception desk for verification.

Attire: Business Formal

Please note that only limited seats are available and will be served on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make sure you complete payment to reserve your seat (if any). Early registrations and payments are strongly recommended.

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