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In this second edition of the Circular Economy Talk, we will explore the possibilities of remanufacturing and what it means for businesses in the context of CSR and sustainable development, especially in the context of Vietnam. This is another leading event up to the SEA Makerthon on Circular economy - Designing a world with zero waste. 


Guest speaker - Thomas Guidat


Thomas joined VGU earlier this year as an academic program coordinator. He is responsible for the Master Study Program GPEM - Global Production Engineering and Management. He wrote his PhD on the topic of remanufacturing and participated to several projects, international conferences, industrial fairs and workshops dedicated to this field. Since 2012, he gained his experience as a research engineer at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany, one of the leading country in remanufacturing. He will share with us the challenges but also the opportunities for Vietnam to develop the remanufacturing industry. 


About VGU


The Vietnamese-German University (VGU) is a Vietnamese state university. Founded in 2008, VGU is based on a close cooperation between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the German State Hessen. VGU focuses on High-Tech Engineering and Sustainable Development, seeks to train excellent academics and to provide ample qualification to Vietnamese university lecturers, so they can compete on an international level.


About CFVG


CFVG is the French-Vietnamese cooperation project in management education since 1992 supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affair (France) and Ministry of Education and Training (Vietnam). Each year 610 students join these programs: MBA, MEBF, MMSS and PhD in the two campus of Hanoi and ho Chi Minh. 

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