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What is the circular economy? 
Why is the time for a transition NOW? 
What makes it a compelling narrative and opportunity for business internationally? 
These questions are essential when you get to know more about Circular Economy and consider to build a sustainable and environmental-friendly business regarding this concept. 
Let's meet Sebastian Egerton-Read this Thursday, July 28th at Fablab Saigon to understand more about Circular Economy and find yourself answers to those questions or even more of your concerns.


Sebastian Egerton-Read (Seb) is a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's editorial and social media teams and is a key contributor on the circular economy focused news platform Circulate. He writes daily articles for the publication and is also a core team member driving the Foundation’s annual Disruptive Innovation Festival, a three-week online global collection of more than 250 physical and online events that explores key topics relevant to the future economy.
Meet the expert to get information and get ready to play a role in Circular Economy movement NOW.

Time: 6:30-8:30pm, Thursday, 28th July
Venue: Fablab Saigon, 44/10 Nguyen Van Dau Street, Binh Thanh District


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Fablab Saigon

Fablab Saigon is the first fablab and makerspace in Ho Chi Minh City. Our mission is innovation literacy through digital fabrication. We promote the Makers movement as a new way to think consumption, economy and society. Fablab Saigon is an open creative space to empower locally the community of makers, students and entrepreneurs to co-work and co-make with social awareness.

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