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CoderSchool Demo Day 5


We're working with topITworks as our co-organizer to bring you CoderSchool Demo Day 5.


Special Thanks to our community support partner, GETLINKS


Interested in learning how to build apps for iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails, or Node.js?
Interested in meeting talented engineers with both great technical skills and great product sense?
Interested in seeing what kind of mobile/web apps can be built in 4 weeks?


Join us along with hundreds of engineers on September 8th, 2016 to see the impressive projects our engineers have been working on.


We're celebrating YOU, the engineer.


Meet friends, talk tech and experience one of the greatest engineering communities in Vietnam.




6:00pm: Arrivals

7:00pm: Welcome

7:10pm Fireside Chat

7:30pm Presentations

8:50pm: Awards



During the summer CoderSchool engineers learned iOS and Ruby over an 8 week, accelerated in person class. For the first 4 weeks they built two applications per week to build their skills. For the final 4 weeks of the class they build, break, fix, and tweak an application from idea to working product.

Their final project is a real test of teamwork, determination, and learning FAST.

Only the best teams in the class demo present on stage at Demo Day for a chance to win over judges and delight the crowd.


There will be complimentary food and as well as discounted beverages provided.


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This ticket is for for software developers and engineers


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This ticket is for non-engineers.


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CoderSchool trains and mentors professional software engineers through accelerated, in person classes and apprenticeship style projects.

Our curriculum was originally developed in Silicon Valley and is in official use at Facebook, Uber and AirBnB. It has also taught hundreds of engineers from Twitter, Dropbox, Google, Zynga, Yahoo, and other leading Silicon Valley companies.

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