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[Meetup tháng 2 sẽ trình bày bằng Tiếng Anh nhé mọi người - Feb Meetup will be in English]

This February, the topic for our Android meetup will be Decompiling Android App and what you can do with it.

Everyone should be able to easily decompile their own app or a third party app to learn more about how others can do the same to you.

A decompile apps can potentially be readable and definitely modifiable. The talk will explain the step by step process to do this, where to find valid apps to reverse engineer, what are things to look for and how you can add code and recompile the app. 

Our speaker will be Jesse Sum from Sentio. Jesse has been working on Android for 3 years in San Francisco. He is now a lead software engineer at Sentio, building an desktop experience for Android phones along with a hardware product called Superbook.

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