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English is the de-facto language of software development. 

Most programmers come from countries where higher education is in English:- US/Canada/UK/India/Ireland. There's a good reason why India has way more programmers than China. It's not because Indians are smarter. It;s because in India secondary and post-secondary education is always in English. You want to go to college, learn English. If you cannot learn English, you cannot go to college. 

For programmers that do not learn English as part of their education, they have to eventually learn English. All the online resources are in English. If you do find translated documentation, you don;t know if there are any errors. A lot of the tools are non-localized.

More importantly, no developer works in a language bubble anymore. If you are a professional programmer, you will at some point have to interact with someone who is not from the same culture as you. Which means that if you are from a non-English speaking country, you need to understand enough English to communicate. If you are from an English-speaking country, you have to get used to speaking with someone with a funny accent.

➤ Topic:
Code in English in 2017

- What is the requirement for learning English for the tech company? 
- What's the difficulty of developer communicate with western customers?
- How to apply English skills in the different situation such as email, skype call, slack chat and another communication channel for oversea clients. 

➤ Speakers:
We’re honored to have the participation of Software English teacher from the United States

1. Nguyễn Marcus, Former operation manager in Kroger united states, and former software engineer in Logigear Silicon valley. Currently teaching english for software company & english teacher while pursuing MBA path for next milestone.

➤ Agenda: 

6.45 pm Register

6.55 pm Codecamp Opening intro 

7.00 pm Workshop start

8.00 pm Q&A 

8.30 pm Networking & speed dating with speaker

9.00 pm Leaving

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