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AGEAC ( Geo philosophical Association of Cultural and  Anthropological Studies) opens a new series of lectures dedicated to inner knowledge and meditation.


Knowing yourself through self observation, dreams, meditation, it's the only way to find the answer to the questions : Who am I? What is the purpose of my existence? What is my vocation? etc.


The key of all this answer is your hands in your daily life circumstances, through your oneiric experiences, between your different types of relation (family, friends,..).


Come to find more this Wednesday at 6:30 PM with the first lecture: The causes of our sufferings.


We wrongly believe that the causes of our sufferings are outside, due to the way that others treat us, due to the lack of materialistic things and so on. But they are deep inside us part of our psychology, in our psychological disorder. So if we need to end all of that we need to start from knowing our self, learning to be aware, transform impressions and put order in our own psychology.


This lecture will be followed by others lectures related to awakening of the consciousness, the universe of mind, meditation and so on.


Know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods ( Inscription on the frontispiece of the Temple of Apollo, Greece)

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