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➤For those who want to be CTOs in the future, you cannot miss this event! 

For senior-level developers with a goal of becoming a CTO in the future, the step-by-step guideline is very unclear. In fact, there’s still a myth about what exactly a CTO does, what kind of knowledge, skills, and especially characteristics should she or he possess. With CTO Fireside chat we will bring you closer to a CTO’s life through the chance to interact closely with prestigious CTOs with different background and strengths.


➤Becoming CTO - The values required & How to build a great team

- What are the top core values required in a CTO?
- How have many CTOs developed themselves to fit in the position?
- How to build a great tech team?

➤We’re honored to have the participation of CTOs from San Francisco Bay Area, Germany & Vietnam: 

1. Mr. Hervé Vũ Roussel, current Technical Mentor of IBM Watson AI Xprize, CTO of Hotel Whisly, Astoria Road, Linked Senior

2. Mr. Tom Howard, CEO of, San Francisco Bay Area

3.Mr Lars Jankowfsky, Co-founder and CTO of OXID eSales & swoodoo AG, Interim CTO of Yatego GMbh, Germany

4. Moderator: Mr Nicolas Embleton, Director of Product Development at MySquar, CTO of DataField


7.00 pm - Registration 

7.15 pm - Fireside chat start

8.15 pm - Q&A with attendees

8.45 pm - Networking with awesome speaker

9.00 pm - Ending

➤You can register for a ticket at:

➤There are maximum 50 seats. Registers as soon as possible.

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