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Well well well well.

It's been a few days since the Go 1.9 released but everything still running in my blood. 

Who are we?
What should we do?

It will be a huge regret if we cannot have time to enjoy together. We call you - the adorable gophers from every single place in Vietnam, let's join our party.

This time we have chance to discover the TinyPulse office (you will love it). Miss MoneyPenny as usual is a honorable sponsor of Food & Beverages :adore: 

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART here. We invite some speakers, 3 of the most powerful gophers which will not disappoint your expectation.

And their talks are so incrediably amazing!

Nguyen Duc Tam a.k.a @gopher comes from Anduin Transaction will reveal the secret of internal slices, maps, interfaces, goroutines schedule, GC, compiler, etc. 

Error handling is one controversial topic in Go. Somebody supports it, somebody uses it to attack Go as the weakness. Nguyen Mau Quang Vu who currently working as Technical Lead of GHN will show us new level of error handling.

Go and Devops always are good friends. Another Nguyen Duc Tam a.k.a @keimoon who known as one-above-all Devops engineer at Anduin Transaction will bring to us some useful knowledge of Devops things - how we use Kubernetes to leverage a flexible and dev-friendly infrastructure.

Phew. This meetup is gonna be awesome. Grab a beer, bite a pizza and watch the show. Never, never miss this time.

About us:

Founded in 2014, this meetup is the place for all beginner and experienced #gophers Vietnam.

Discuss all #golang related topics, meet other developers and other interesting folks. Presentations, workshops, hack-fests and more. Meet other developers, find out about interesting projects and opportunities for work and potential employment. Join the group and you'll get a weekly newsletter with lots of great beginner material.


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