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In artificial intelligence research, the situated approach builds agents that are designed to behave effectively successfully in their environment. This requires designing AI "from the bottom-up" by focussing on the basic perceptual and motor skills required to survive. The situated approach gives a much lower priority to abstract reasoning or problem-solving skills.

The approach was originally proposed as an alternative to traditional approaches (that is, approaches popular before 1985 or so). After several decades, classical AI technologies started to face intractable issues (e.g. combinatorial explosion) when confronted with real-world modeling problems. All approaches to address these issues focus on modeling intelligence situated in an environment. They have become known as the situated approach to AI.

➤ Topic:
1. The AI picture worldwide
2. Implementation AI into Vietnam

➤ Speakers:
We’re honored to have the participation of CTO of Infore technology. Lê Công Thành companies focus on AI products in Vietnam & getting awards recognized by IT fields. 

2. FPT AI team: Tranh Anh, graduated computer science from national Singapore University & have more than 10 years as the product manager with Autodesk, FPT software etc company. AI team now focus on building suitable AI product for Vietnam market. 

➤ Agenda: 

6.45 pm Register
6.55 pm Opening intro
7.00 pm Workshop start
8.15 pm Q&A 
8.30 pm Networking & speed dating with speaker
9.00 pm Leaving

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