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This class is a charity class and all the procedes will go directly towards helping five families in the Mekong Delta prepare their homes for flood season. Rainy season is upon us and many homes are not yet ready to take on the floods, so they need our help. 

This class will focus on creating balance in the Heart Chakra and will touch on topics related to the Heart Chakra such as Giving & Receiving, Compassion and Openness. 

The 90 minute class will include pranayama and asana practice, a guided meditation and even a section for us to practice our newly cultivated sense of giving and receiving with some basic partner massage techniques! 

All levels are welcome. Class fee is 150,000 and remember 100% of the money is going directly to help one of our five families in the Mekong area.

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Heart Chakra with Bee

150.000 VND
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Bee Simone

Saigon Yoga With Bee

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