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This is about you! Do you want to improve your marketing? Increase your profits? Grow your revenues? Or are you tired of being in gray area, and not making what you desire? If answer is yes, to one of those questions, then you should take this marketing program now! You will learn a mindset, that put you way ahead of your competitors.


This is fast implementation program, on how to take your marketing to next level. There are two kinds of marketing. One kind of marketing is about branding, fun and good feelings. Other kind of marketing is about action and results. Action means, to get customers, buy from you now! This program is about action based marketing. From the program you will learn about strategies and tactics that makes your marketing more profitable. 


Many business owners dislike marketing, because they feel like it’s a wasting of their money. But there is solution! When you know what works and gives most returns on your money, marketing becomes fun. Marketing should be fun! Just think for the moment, how your life would be affected by 5 % increase in your profits. Then imaging how it would feel like, if profits increase even more 10 %, 20 %, etc.


When you take this marketing program, you will learn about: 


  • Deeper understanding of your customers. Psychology of your customer, what they want, why they buy, what drives them to act, their needs, desires, thinking, etc. and most important on how you can take advantage of it
  • Profitable advertising, what kind of media to use. Which media has most effect on your advertisement. What message to send out. Core believe here is that every dollar spend on your advertising should give you return on investment
  • Gain understanding of your market and how to profit from it. You will find out who is your perfect customer. You will also get understanding, on why you shouldn’t target everyone
  • Tactics that are easy to use and give fast results on how to attract more customers, increase sales from existing customers, etc.
  • How to position your business in a market place for maximum profitability



Act fast as there are 20 spots available. If you are serious about your business and want to take your marketing to the next level, act now and invest in this marketing program. Investment in this program will give you return on investment many times over the actually costs and save you, your valuable time. Marketing program will be hold in English. This is a half day marketing program. Interaction is a key element of the program. Reason, because I want you, to get most benefit out of this program.


Who is program for?


  • Business owners who want to make more profits and increase sales
  • Those who want to become more valuable for the company
  • Employees who want to become “rainmakers”
  • Entrepreneurs who want to gain advantage in business game 
  • You have a product, offer or service, but you don’t know how to get customers buy it


Who this program is not for:


  • Big size businesses who can afford to use a lot of money on marketing
  • Businesses who need to defend themselves and have a huge marketing budget that can be use on branding and promoting
  • Business owners who are happy, with what they have and don’t want to grow their business
  • Those business owners who want to leave there marketing for faith and hope
  • Those who are lazy to implement new strategies and take necessary action steps


Here is why it’s matters for you. Investment in this marketing program, is an education. Profitable marketing puts you above competitors. Businesses need people who can market their businesses. To say it in other way, marketing skills are very valuable. Why? Because marketing skills are useful in many areas of life. Knowing how to market and positioning yourself, can even be useful in your dating life. The right marketing education stack the odds in your favor, and give you chance of success.


About me


My name is Rihards Bjoern Smits. I’m a Norwegian marketer. Since 2014 I have been helping, Norwegian business owners to improve their marketing. My story began 14 years ago, with investing in stocks. That for me was starting point of desire to find out, what is it that makes business profitable. After some time of research, I finally come up with an answer on what makes business profitable. The answer was marketing. Since then I have invested thousands of dollars, on my marketing education. Taking courses and reading books, from best marketers around the world. Additionally, I hold a Master degree (with specialization in marketing) from Norwegian university. 


Thank you, for reading about my program and I look forward to meet you in person at marketing event


P.S This is your chance to make your marketing profitable. Do not let the opportunity slip away. Book your spot now!


P.P.S If I where you, I wouldn't wait till the last day book early

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Profitt Marketing is a focused Norwegian marketing agency. We are specialized in helping small and medium sized business owners, to achieve their profitability potential. Our core belief is that only marketing, that gives results is worth doing. Have a Questions? If you have questions, please send us email. Our happy support team will be in touch with you, within 8 hours.

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