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  Emotions play a crucial role in our daily lives and work. The way we feel can lead us to do great or little.

  In this workshop, we will dive a little deeper into what emotions are and how we can change them. Guided by Emotional & Results Coach, Frederic M. Decker, we will cover the following topics through discussion, presentation, and exercises:

What are emotions?

Why is it important to process our emotions?

Ways to change our emotions:

· Emotions and meaning

· Emotions and our senses

· Emotions and body posture

· Emotions and health

What happens to 'emotional baggage'?

What is an emotional transformation?

This workshop is for anyone wanting to better understand emotions in order to be more balanced and joyful.

You will walk away with:

- abetter understanding of what emotions are

- a method to calm or activate your nervous system

- methods to intervene in your emotional process from the trigger, experience and response applied to your own life

- experimenting with your body posture to change your emotion and state

- a method to use your awareness to deal with an emotion

- an understanding of cortisol and stress on your body and the most effective ways to deal with stress

- most likely a transformation of the most significant emotional issue in your life (at the last workshops 95% transformed it!)

- an experience of your true self in a loving and confident state

- tips on how to manage your emotional life


📆 Date: July 15th, 2020

🕒 Time: 6:45PM to 9:00PM

📍Where: The Hive Thao Dien

What others say:

"I have never felt like that before in my life" - Kathy D.

"The workshop let me deal with something I was not able to deal with since I was born"- Lindon K.

"Well structured for such a complicated topic. I will apply this daily!"- Kevin L.

"It was a moving experience for me and I wanted to send along to you a word of encouragement as I believe you’re doing really powerful and unique work."- William Orr 

About Frederic

  Frederic has studied the intricacies of the human brain for over 18 years and is an Emotional and Results Coach for over three years. He has served as an advisor to individuals, leaders and large corporations around the globe and has helped hundreds of individuals to a deeper meaning of purpose, more awareness, a greater self-confidence, deep-rooted feelings of trust and security, a healthier lifestyle, better relationships, more success in their career and finances and a greater zest for life! 

  Frederic has a Bachelor of Science from Boston University and an MBA from IESE Business School. He has worked in finance, consulting, private equity, hedge funds, and risk


With only 650.000 VND, you now could master your emotions with Mr.Frederic! 

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650.000 VND

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