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Panel Description: Speakers will discuss about different education models and the future of the education system in Vietnam, and how students can take advantages of the changes and opportunities to help them learn the most.

Language: English


1. Ms. Bùi Trân Phượng - President, Hoa Sen University

Having been the President of Hoa Sen University since 1996, Ms. Bui has dedicated her career to building Hoa Sen University into the renowned public university it is currently, particularly through education reform.

2.  Ms. Phạm Thị Ly - Dean of Research Programs at International Education Institute, Vietnam National University HCMC

Ms. Pham has worked for many universities public and private before her current position as Dean of Research Program at the International Education Institute. She was formerly a Project Consultant of the Ministry of Education and Training.

3. Ms. Ha Cao - Country Director, Education First Vietnam

As the Country Director of EF (Education First) Vietnam, Ms. Cao directs the activities of the leading multinational international education company in Vietnam, which includes: study abroad programs, tutoring services, and classes. Her passion for education has also led her to work with the Ministry of Education and Training and Vietnamese schools to improve the education quality in Vietnam.

4. Mr. Lê Tất Tiến - Director of Research and Development, UNESCO-CEP

As Director of Research and Development at UNESCO Center for Culture and Education, Mr. Le directs current and future research projects of the independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization. UNESCO-CEP’s mission

5. Ms. Linh Đào - Regional Outreach Manager, Minerva Schools at KGI

As the regional outreach manager for Minerva Schools at KGI in South East Asia, Ms. Linh looks for the brightest, most talented and deserving students across the region for this unique and highly selective undergraduate program. She graduated from Brown University, having herself founded an education program for children as as an undergraduate.

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