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Panel description: A Tedtalk-like lecture style from professors, public policy experts, and businessmen about Vietnam’s macroeconomic scene and how one can stay relevant to Vietnam’s future involvement with the world Language: English


 1. Mr. Nguyễn Quang Thạch - Founder, Sách Hoá Nông Thôn

As the found the of the library system “Sach Hoa Nong Thon”, Thach walked across Vietnam to call for donations. With the realistic mission to bring knowledge to every village, he has now collected nearly 9 billion VND and over 3,000 shelves of books.

 2. Mr. Nathan Lane - Chief Economics Officer, U.S Consulate

Mr. Lane is currently the Chief Economic Officer, U.S. Consulate in Vietnam. He plays a great role in advancing the development relationship between Vietnam and the U.S.

 3. Mr. Bùi Văn - Program Director, FBNC

Mr. Bui is the Program Director of FBNC (Finance Business News Corporation) television channel. He focuses on researching public policy, business, and international integration.

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HVIET Summer Camp brings the liberal arts college experience to high school students from diverse backgrounds in Vietnam. Our fresh hybrid model facilitates 75 Vietnamese youth’s holistic development while introducing Harvard students to Vietnam. We host a camp over the summer that includes Harvard student-led seminars and conference speakers in an attempt to engage and prepare Vietnamese high school students for the future.

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