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What would we learn if we were to truly take the time and effort to look inside ourselves, to observe and investigate our own psyche? This conference aims to shed some light on concepts such as Consciousness, Personality and that which has been given different names throughout time: defects, psychological aggregates, masks, sins, ego etc.

The aim is to bring us closer to understanding that the keys to liberating ourselves from the suffering we go through in our lives are within ourselves.

Immanuel Kant was saying that the exterior is merely a reflection of the interior.

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Investigating the Human Psyche

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Nahi Building, Inco Center, Floor 5.

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AGEAC is a Non-profit Organisation whose purpose is to investigate the universal wisdom of all times; that perpetual knowledge which allows the modern man to have a more human, more conscious understanding of his existence.
The conference will be held entirely in English.

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