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Imagine having the ability to read the mind of your customers and users. With the power of Artificial Intellifence (AI) and Machine Learning technology, marketers are using innovative new tools to target customers and drive sales. In this session, gain insights on how to integrate AI and Machine Learning into your current marketing strategy.

Highlights include

  • Generating brand awareness
  • How to target new customers & retain existing ones
  • Simplifying workflow
  • Building a better user experience

About the speaker

Mariko Amekodommo is a marketing executive with 12 years experience building innovative strategies to connect the world. Having navigated the shift from analog to digital strategies during her career, Mariko has received recognition for staying ahead of marketing trends; using innovative solutions to generate more than USD 14.6 million for her portfolio of clients. Before moving to Vietnam in 2016, Mariko consulted on projects in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley for corporate, start-up and celebrity clients including Beats by Dre, Forbes magazine, Oscar winner Jared Leto, NationBuilder, Kitchit, Lyft Technologies and Bravo TV. 

She currently holds her MBA with a focus in Digital Marketing, and is completing her PhD in Corporate Finance specializing in International relations. She is currently the Head of Digital Marketing at Sentifi in HCMC; an award winning Swiss Fintech company using AI technology to detect financial marketing insights. Mariko is also the co-founder of Tesuji; a livestream & gameification experience from Silicon Valley, launching Summer 2017.

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