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.NET Core is the modular and high performance implementation of .NET for creating web applications and services that run on Windows, Linux and Mac. It is open source and it can share the same code with .NET Framework and Xamarin apps.

Our primary focus is to get the .NET Core 1.0 tooling to RTM quality for the Visual Studio 2017 RTM (please try the 2017 RC update we shipped with improvements in this area).

However, we are also starting to think of the next version of the runtime. Because of this, if you follow our repositories you will start to see .NET Core 2.0 versioning. While we are still in the process of planning the next release, there are some big themes you will identify in the early work on GitHub:

Lower the Barrier of Entry and Reach .NET Standard 2.0 standardizes the shared APIs across .NET Framework, .NET Core and Xamarin making it easy to share code across all of .NET. .NET Core gain over 5,000 APIs from .NET Framework as part of this work making it a broader platform. Simplifying how a developer references .NET Core from many packages to one. Simplified acquisition of runtime and tools. And easier to reference Linux platforms and their dependencies. You can follow this work in the dotnet/standard and dotnet/corefx repos.

.NET Core Tooling. Evolve the tooling aligned with the next .NET Core runtime release. This will include tooling for choosing which .NET Core version to target, to change the version of .NET Core for existing projects, full package IntelliSense in .csproj files and more. You can follow this work in the dotnet/roslyn-project-system, dotnet/sdk, and microsoft/msbuild repos.

Performance. Continue to make the performance of building .NET Core applications faster, especially in the inner loop. This is the cycle of changing the source code and then restarting the application and making that as fast as possible. You can follow part of this work in the dotnet/roslyn repo.

.NET Core and Cloud. Continue to improve how you run .NET Core applications in Azure. Better logging, tracing and diagnosing errors in your applications when running in the cloud. You can follow this work in the dotnet/corefx, dotnet/corefxlab, and aspnet repos.

Build from Source. Make it very easy to clone the .NET Core repository and GitHub and build the product. Great for experimenting with customizing the product or trying to get it to run on Linux distributions other than the ones we officially support. You can follow the bulk of the work in the dotnet/coreclr and dotnet/corefx repos.

As mentioned above these are just some of the early big themes we are going to invest in, we will also continue to invest in ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Languages and many other parts of .NET.

After we ship VS 2017 RTM you will hear more from us on the next version of .NET Core, and as always let us know what is important to you.

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.net core in 2017

.NET Core is a general purpose, modular, cross-platform and open source implementation of .NET. It includes a runtime, framework libraries, compilers and tools that support a variety of chip and OS targets. These components can be used together or separately.

Major .NET Core components are listed below. Please note that this is not meant to be an exhaustive list.

.NET Standard
C#/VB compiler
F# compiler
CLI tools
Docker Images

This roadmap is intended to communicate project priorities for evolving and extending the scope of .NET Core.

➤ Speakers:
We’re honored to have the participation of CEO of bytemark from UK. 

1. Byte marks is a startup from Zagreb,Croatia that is building innovative solutions for individual sports training and competition. Currently our focus is on bowling and martial arts (Muay thai, MMA). We help recreational and professional athletes in rapidly improving their stamina, physical condition and performance using expert AI software and tech gadgets.

Tomislav build product on knowledge and people, not just the technology.

Responsible for:
- Product owner and high level architecture
- Coding(Iot,Big Data, data models, .NET technology)
- Guinea pig(Kickboxing specimen)

MS SQL Server
MS Sharepoint 
MS Dynamics AX
Javascript,JQuery, Angular 2JS,TypeScript
Smart cards-Mifare,NFC,RFID & Java Card
MS Visual Studio & Team Foundation Server
Kinect SDK
Neuro& genetic programming

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6.45 pm Register
6.55 pm Microsoft Opening intro
7.00 pm Workshop start
8.00 pm Q&A 
8.30 pm Networking & speed dating with speaker
9.00 pm Leaving


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