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Mornings with Jess // A new workshop series designed to strengthen leadership, personal and professional skills. The series will include guest speakers, educational workshops and community outreach activities.


We're very excited to announce we'll be joined by Marcus Ellison Co-Founder of to host an 'Introduction to Web Technologies for Non-Engineers" workshop. This workshop is for those new to technology that want a better understanding of how different web technologies fit together. The workshop will help you: make decisions when building a software product, work better with engineers, and accelerate your path towards becoming a software engineer or turning and idea into a product.


Marcus is a developer and business guy, he has an undergraduate from New York University where he studied classical literature and entrepreneurship, along with a masters degree in behavioural economics and disruptive innovation. For over 10 years he has been a startup entrepreneur with ventures ranging across non-profit education (exit to United Way), commercial real estate development (NYC and Rhode Island), internet radio (around 1 million users in latin america) , and Internet Technology (SAAS payment and agreement service for freelancers). He has raised 10's of millions of dollars for previous ventures in various stages of business development.


Marcus is also an active mentor and advocate for the startup ecosystem. He advises numerous startups in Ho Chi Minh City, New York City, and San Francisco in strategy, ideation, fundraising, product development, user experience, marketing, management, and operations.


About CoderSchool:

CoderSchool trains and mentor professional software engineers through accelerated in person classes and apprenticeship programs.

Our curriculum was originally developed in Silicon Valley and is in official use at Facebook, Uber, Lyft and AirBnB. It has also taught hundreds of engineers from Twitter, Dropbox, Google, Zynga, Yahoo, and other leading Silicon Valley companies.

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