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🔥 Join us for the seminar "Design Thinking: Paving the Future for Brands" where we're diving into how design thinking can be a game-changer for innovation and creativity, and its impact on brands, businesses & societies. 🔥

🌟Our lineup of A-list speakers will delve deep and uncover different tenets of design thinking through real-world case studies, ranging from the practical to the philosophical. 

  • Quynh Nguyen, Founder & MD, 80/20
  • Richard Burrage, Founder & Board Advisor, Cimigo
  • York Spencer, Managing Director, Masan Brewery
  • Pierre Bouahom, Founder, WeWe
  • Jonathan Sourintha, Managing Partner, HRK Group
  • Toan Nguyen, Digital & Media Specialist
  • Dr. Hellmut Monz, Lecturer, RMIT University

Hosted by 80/20, this seminar is your gateway to gaining invaluable insights and equipping yourself with the tools to navigate the ever-changing landscape of marketing and business. 

🎟️ Are you ready for success? 

Note: Full event will be in English. A Linkedin Certificate for this Design Thinking seminar will be awarded post-event for attendees! 


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