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To meet the growing need for more Product knowledge in Vietnam, Scott and SHIELD have partnered to host a series of meetups on Product. The theme of this week's meetup is: “How to Apply GV SPRINT at Different Stages of Product Development.”

In it, Peter Glowa will deliver a talk about how and when GV SPRINT can be used at during different phases of the product lifecycle (hint: it's not only at the beginning!). Peter has extensive product experience, having launched and sold products ranging from satellites to mobile apps to SaaS. He even was Boeings first Product Manager on their Venture and Commercialization Team.

After the talk, Peter will join Bui Han An - COO/Co-Founder of Silicon Straits Saigon and Andrew Pope - Product Executive Anduin Technologies for a panel discussion moderated by Mos Dang – Head of Product Scott.





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