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Vậy làm sao để thiết kế nó ra một cách nhanh nhất trên IOS, Android ? Làm sao để mô tả về ứng dụng của bạn cho người khác hiểu ? làm sao để test app prototype trên các device khác nhau ?

Trong workshop lần này tôi sẽ trình bày các công cụ kết hơp với React Native để xây dựng ứng dựng trong khoảng thời gian ngắn nhất, và có thể dễ dàng kiểm tra trên các thiết bị khác nhau.

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Các công cụ: 
- Sketch: tool design app
- Exponent: Tool build app react native, and test on multiple device
- React Native

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➤ Content:

Why learn React?

It is like doing cross-training, with multiple experts, at multiple locations.

If you are in a lean team or a single developer-designer-architect, "the React way" may be more fun.

Learning React is more rewarding in the long run. As you are making "hopefully informed" decisions all along your learning and development journey, you become a more thorough developer, designer, architect in the long haul. If you make your decisions by evaluating pros-cons of architectural and design patterns, you are becoming a better developer.

React is opinionated for fewer core concepts like one-way-data-binding.

There are many ways to develop in React starting from how to define React components, how to create React build pipeline, which frameworks to integrate with, how to wire up a backend, the list goes on.

You will learn from multiple sources and authors, not just Facebook/Instagram, the authors of React. Having these multiple perspectives will give you stronger real-world decision making muscles!

Facebook and the React community is very driven by app performance patterns. Most core React concepts are centered around creating high-performance code.
The React community is more component driven. You will most likely find more reusable code. React Components and

The community is also increasingly driven by "Developer Experience". Writing beautiful code, writing more manageable code, writing readable code, and tools that make developer's experience more fun and visual. See kadirahq/react-storybook as an example.
In my experience learning both and going back and forth helps. Programming design patterns remain the same. Syntactical sugar changes. Learning one, reinforces the other.

➤ Topic:
You have a idea, you want to build app?

How to design and build app faser on IOS, Android? how to test app in multiple device. In workshop i talk about tool combine with React Native to build app faster, and easy test on multiple device.

You can see example project in here:

- Sketch: tool design app
- Exponent: Tool build app react native, and test on multiple device
- React Native

You can view projects of me in github:

➤ Speakers:
We’re honored to have the participation of co-founder of Tung 

1. Tung Thanh Phan (Full stack react js Developer) 

➤ Agenda: 

7.00 pm - Registration 

7.15 pm - Workshop starting

8.15 pm - Q&A with attendees

8.45 pm - Networking & speed dating with awesome speaker

9.00 pm - Ending

➤ Registration:
You can register for a ticket at:

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