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Shorties Film Festival is back, an annual week-long celebration of Asia's most exciting short films. It celebrates Asia’s brightest film entrepreneurs and their latest film projects.

The second edition of Shorties will be happening across our locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam, from the 7th to 11th of May.

5 days to support local talents, ending in a night of awards, followed by a celebrating closing party.

Tuesday May 7th - Friday 10th:
Screening events: 7pm - 9pm

Saturday May 11th:
Screening best film/documentary nominees: 7pm - 8:30pm
Award Ceremony and Closing Drinks: 8.30pm onwards

If you are a cinema lover, join us. Our Facebook page and website will be kept updated with exciting news, information and reveals - keep watching to be in the know.


Please see screening schedule below:

Tuesday 7th May

Screening 1 - 普洱 (Pu Er) (Singapore)
Screening 2 - To you, my crush (Vietnam)        
Screening 3 - My Deathiny (Thailand)    
Screening 4 - Darth Daddy (Hong Kong)

Wednesday 8th May    

Screening 1 - Followed (Malaysia)    
Screening 2 - How To Get Over A Heartbreak (Qatar)
Screening 3 - The Parchment (Singapore)
Screening 4 - Delivery Boy (Hong Kong)    
Screening 5 - Sylvia (Singapore)    
Screening 6 - Lo To - The Singing “Faggots” (Singapore)

Thursday 9th May     

Screening 1 - Is This Where I Can Buy Love? (Singapore)
Screening 2 - Insomnia (Taiwan)
Screening 3 - Approved (Singapore)
Screening 4 - To The Lights of The North《極光出沒注意!》(Hong Kong)
Screening 5 - Do Not OT (Singapore)

Friday 10th May

Screening 1 - Pa (Singapore)
Screening 2 - One Bullet (Hong Kong)
Screening 3 - BLOCK A-2-15 (Malaysia)
Screening 4 - SHU (Thailand)

Saturday 11th May - Award Ceremony

Screening 1 - Alchemy (Taiwan)
Screening 2 - Wasabia Japonica (Hong Kong)
Screening 3 - The Widow (Japan)
Screening 4 - Nguyen Gia Phong's Balance (Vietnam)
Screening 5 - Async (Thailand)
Award presentation & closing drinks

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1 Ticket for: 7th May '19

80.000 VND
Vé ngừng bán online

Entry Ticket also includes 1 drink (beer or soft drink)

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