Giới thiệu

Upon completion of the meetup, audiences should be able to:

  • Understand Web APIs
  • Differentiate SOAP from REST Web APIs
  • Learn well-known API Test tools
  • Develop API Test Automation with Frisby and Node.js

Invited speakers for this time STC Meetup will be R&D Manager - Bao Nguyen- and Test Engineer -Quang To- from SHIFT ASIA. 

Take a look at our agenda:


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STC Meetup - January 7th

100.000 VND
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HCMC Software Testing Club

We, a group of passionate software testers around HCMC, Vietnam, are working together to build this community, called HCMC Software Testing Club (HCMC STC), following the format of Software Testing Club community ( We aim to promote best practices in software testing industry and to promote software testing career through community activities and events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, meetups, blog posts, ...

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