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The Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program (HEEAP) at Arizona State University hosts the largest, longest running Engineering Education Conference in Vietnam.2018 will be our sixth year bringing together Southeast Asia’s greatest minds and influencers in the STEM fields. Our conference unites policy makers, corporate leaders, and educational directors as well as students, teachers, and entrepreneurs poised to make innovative change in the Southeast Asian STEM environment.

Each year our conference gathers hundreds of delegates from around the globe for two days of interactive plenary and technical sessions, panel discussions, exhibits and seminars that will pave paths for new ventures and partnerships via the HEEAP and Arizona State University extended network. This is the premier conference for successful STEM contributors throughout Southeast Asia to collaborate, connect, share best practices and innovate for the future.

This year the theme of STEMCON is "Industry 4.0 & STEM: People are the Key to Success and Competitiveness." Leaders in industry and government recognize the Industrial Revolution 4.0 will require a massive transformation in leadership, employee skills, workplace culture, recruitment and training. Corporate leaders understand that, to achieve real and sustainable performance improvements, people will be the "secret sauce" for their Industry 4.0 strategies to succeed.

Already today, low-cost labor is rapidly falling to advanced automation and traditional manufacturing approaches will need to be changed and replaced. This will demand new skills and competencies such as automation, programming, data and analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning/robotics, system integration and software development.

More than ever, the massive shifts will require more than ever for industry-academia-government to form alliances to both retrain the existing workforce, but also prepare the next generation of STEM graduates from secondary schools and universities. STEMCON 2018 will bring leaders from industry-academia-government together to discuss the challenges and opportunities for Vietnam to be a leader in building the human capital and public-private partnerships to achieve, at the highest levels, the opportunities of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

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We do not charge fee for this conference. To help us with better organize, please register on our website here:

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Higher Engineering Education Alliance at Arizona State University

In collaboration with an expanding industry consortia, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering’s Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program (HEEAP) is revolutionizing and modernizing the top engineering and technical vocational universities in Vietnam.

This modernization process includes developing experienced university leadership, constructing innovative and effective curriculum, and promoting university engagement.

HEEAP’s founding partners in 2010 were the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Intel Corporation. Since then, HEEAP has added partnerships with Siemens Corporation, Cadence Inc., and Danaher Corporation (Fluke, Tektronix, Keithley companies).

Through faculty workshops, offered at Arizona State University and abroad, HEEAP is enhancing traditional theory-based engineering and technical vocational programs by advocating the addition of applied and hands-on instructional approaches. This fresh pedagogy aims to produce work-ready graduates who possess the applied and technical communication skills required to excel in multinational corporations.

HEEAP aims to create a generation of global-minded engineers that exhibit self-reliance, creativity, an awareness of social and cultural capital, an appreciation for lifelong learning, conflict-resolution and team-building skills, and a sound understanding of ethics, economics and business strategies.

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