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You might be asking yourself, what is the best way to finish a year that made Netflix boring and required a lot of pop corn and stamina. An obvious answer would have been home and family, but as that is out of the question this year, we have been asking ourselves on how to welcome the well awaited year of 2021.

Luckily being based in a country with countless beaches and islands, we went on an odyssey, a search for a perfect destination to not just say farewell to this year, but to settle into 2021 in style, just like that last bubble in your glass of sparkling on the remote white sands of Sao Beach, a tropical paradise hidden in the south of Phu Quoc.


Our team have taken our slogan into action, and will be “that friend, who will tell you to get up m******ckers, lets go on an adventure” and set our feet into 2021.


Countless acres of sand, palm trees, unlimited sunshine and never-ending beaches of Phu Quoc, accompanied by a four day journey of lights and sounds, sun baths and boogie workouts, violet sunsets and indefinite first New Years sunrise, that we will remember as Studio Adventure: PQ Odyssey.


Four part beach Adventure, over two stages spread from the beach side to an intimate depth of nature , standardly professional sound system that will highlight that beat of the never-ending lineup, ranging from most established names in the Vietnamese nightlife, alongside the bright new local talents, who steadily and in style start to overtake the scene.

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Early bird Full Pass

800.000 VND
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Phase 1 Full Pass

900.000 VND
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Phase 1 One day Pass

250.000 VND
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Phase 1 Two days Pass

500.000 VND
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Phase 2 Full Pass

1.000.000 VND
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Phase 2 One day Pass

350.000 VND
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Phase 2 Two days Pass

600.000 VND
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Studio Adventure Collective

Art and music collective based in Hanoi organising outdoor events in breathtaking locations. A gathering of different people, who aim at showcasing local talent and supporting the sub-culture development in Vietnam.

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