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You’re invited to get inspired at the latest TEDx event in Hanoi, taking place on 2nd June at the United Nations International School (UNIS) Hanoi in Ciputra.

TEDxHanoi 2018 is a day-long experience for people who care about ideas, connections and curiosity. Join us and hear from some of the most intriguing speakers from Hanoi and beyond as they explore this event’s theme “Toward to a Global Community”: Connect. Enable. Inspire.

The world is becoming a smaller place. It’s easier now than ever before to move commerce around the globe; to study on foreign soil; and most of all to share ideas. This year’s TEDxHanoi conference will explore the theme of humanity living as one globalized community.

Our world has become inextricably linked together. So how do we ensure the best for our local community in this larger web? How do we ensure the best for this global community as a whole?

Throughout June 2nd, our lineup of expert speakers will share their visions for their local communities, and for the wider one that we are all a part of. From their unique backgrounds in business, education, research, tech and the arts, their perspectives will each offer a piece of the puzzle to the riddle of how we manage and participate in a community of such scale.


Buying tickets

There are two types of tickets: Early bird and Standard.

100 Early bird tickets available to buy online from April 2nd: 880,000 VND (Sold out)

250 Standard tickets available to buy online and offline from April 13th until May 26th: 1,080,000 VND

A ticket includes:

A full-day stage program with 12-14 live speakers with expertise in the fields of business, education, research, tech and the arts. (The speaker list will be announced on May 1st).

Complementary lunch buffet of healthy food.

TEDxHanoi gift bag including sweets, treats and vouchers from the TEDxHanoi organizers and our partners. 

Interactive workshops and entertainment throughout the day including music, dance and yoga. 

Hanoi’s finest and brightest all together in one room – an unparalleled networking opportunity.

Buying more than 10 tickets? Contact us at for group discount (10% off).

When you buy tickets directly from our website, you are required to provide your available email address in order to receive an e-ticket. The e-ticket might be sent to your promotion tab, please move Ticketbox email to your Primary tab and save it. 

Leading to the event we will send you more information about the speakers, the program, dress code and so forth . 

Please bear in mind that we do not encourage you to buy ticket from any individuals or organizations except Ticketbox. 

If you encounter any difficulties in ticket purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us at hotline: 0968 246 155


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1.080.000 VND

250 standard tickets. First come, first served.

Early bird

880.000 VND
Hết vé

100 early bird tickets are available from April 2. First come, first served.

Free Pass

880.000 VND
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