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How can we keep these stores open by utilizing one pharmacist for two stores or three stores?," 28-year-old University of Iowa graduate Roby Miller asked himself.  Seeing his father's rural pharmacies struggle, Miller quit his job four years ago to chase an idea of harnessing digital technology for rural pharmacies. Today, Roby has sold his startup in what one investor called an “8-figure acquisition.”.

 Ohio-based Cardinal Health Inc. which bills itself as a $103 billion health care services company, acquired Roby Miller’s Telepharm in July, according to Courtney Tobin, a Cardinal spokeswoman

The acquisition comes after Telepharm in 2014 closed a $2.5 million venture capital fundraising campaign led by Iowa Board of Regents President and agribusiness pioneer Bruce Rastetter; Adam Ingersoll, founder and principal with Compass Education Group; and philanthropist John Pappajohn, who has given away more than $100 million, including to major projects at the UI.

“Start-ups with a single founder who has never run a business before, moving into a market that doesn’t exist yet, with a difficult regulatory environment … odds of survival are close to zero,” Ingersoll recently wrote on social media. “Roby not only survived, but in just four years, he built a thriving business that was acquired last month in an 8-figure acquisition by Cardinal Health.


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VietSeeds aims to expand access to higher education in Vietnam for university-bound students from disadvantaged backgrounds, empowering them to realize their dreams.

VietSeed's vision goes beyond formal teaching and learning in the classroom. Our goal is to put students on a path of lifelong learning, engaged dialogue, and collaborative work with community members, as well as businesses and civic institutions. 
University training will not only build a generation of Vietnamese with the critical skills and knowledge to match the global competitive landscape but also fosters mobility, a better sense of community and a commitment to philanthropy. Making college education accessible reduces social disparities while putting Vietnam's rapidly growing labor force on a firmer footing. 
VietSeed is uniquely designed to support this vision with financial scholarship, one-on-one mentoring, skills training and professional development. These core pillars ensure students become skilled professionals and informed citizens upon graduation. 
Our model engages a diverse group of global stakeholders that emphasize feedback and long-term growth. 

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