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If you could master your mindset, then you could make more profits in trading. This is a course for those who trade stocks, options, commodities, and forex. I will give you tools that will help you, master your own mind when you are trading. If you are like most traders, you have some winning trades and some losing trades. But still end up not getting results you desire. Goal with this course is to cut down on losing trades and get more winning trades. It’s easy to make money trading, problem is that it’s even easier to lose money. I know from my own experience. After struggling with trading for many years, it just “clicked”. After that I was able, to trade profitable. Huge reason for my profitability was getting a trading coach.  And now I’m ready to help other trades as well. This course will teach you right mindset when trading and dealing with situations with high stress level. I don't teach how to trade, I give something far more valuable. A right mindset so you can spot trades easier and be ready to "pull the trigger" at the right time.
This is what you will learn at this course:

1) You will get tools on how to manage your stress levels
2) You will learn how to become self-aware
3) You will gain understanding about risk management

To achieve those objectives, you will have a real-time trading simulation. To change mindset, it takes time, but it’s possible. And using tools this course provide, it will make it easier for you to see fast progress in your trading. Entry level for this course is very low, if you check other courses on internet about trading and psychology they are priced at least in 1000 USD range. Last year (2015) my portfolio gained around 65 % after transaction costs. In meantime benchmark index was down 5 %. I’m transparent and can show my trades. In average I take one trade a day. This year I don’t trade because I have an offline business to take care. But I will go back into trading again next year.


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Trader Ticket

370.000 VND
Vé ngừng bán online

This is what you will learn at this course:
1) You will get tools on how to manage your stress levels
2) You will learn how to become self-aware
3) You will gain understanding about risk management

Premium Trader Ticket

6.000.000 VND
Vé ngừng bán online

One-to-one weekly trading consulting. For one month.
- You will gain deeper understanding about your mind
- Stress management
- Self awareness
- Risk management
- Follow up of your trading

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Traders mindset

My name is Rihards Smits and I'm a Norwegian trader with more than 10 years of experience. I trade stocks at Norwegian stock exchange, long and short. I have been trading since 2002. I like trading because of challenge, fulfillment and profits. My long term trading goal is continuous profitability. Trading has helped me to have comfortable living for past 5 years. Now, I'm ready to help other traders with there trading goals.

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