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Treehouse Festival Volume Four:
Desert Mirage


The sands of time have left their mark on the Studio Treehouse - as if a storm has passed through Hanoi’s mystical backyard, it has been transformed into an endless landscape of sand dunes and desert foliage. A barren play land to fill with all our mirage ridden dreams of finer weather and feelings of freedom. The desert never looked so inviting, as if a bazar of sound and sight had sprung up in the oasis.

Volume Four has the significance of stability - within pyramids, structures and our lives - Four is a necessary numeral that sends vibrations to the chaotic souls to find their grasp and stability.

A remedy to the chaos thrust into our lives from all avenues, the Treehouse Studio will transform into a desert dance Mecca - with the Azdiscoteka reminiscent of the Valley of Mexico conjuring Aztec influence combined with the Saharan Sound Den, a mysterious lounge which holds tarot card readings for the hopefuls, a shisha lounge for the laid back, and henna for those who wish to be soulfully adorned and endeared.

The indigenous and ethnic sounds will emanate from the dance floor and mix into the organic and worldly live stage revealing vibrations from the Andes to the Alps, the Ica oasis to the Thar Indian deserts, Mojave to Namibia,  the Sahara to the Santa Fe.

Where are we anymore?

The desert has taken its own life and heartbeat - a delightful mirage where you can travel across portals into new worlds with just a small shift in space and sound barriers into new world borders.

This whirlwind of pleasures will be upon us May 11th.
Don’t forget your silk n’
swimsuits festivilians cause it gets hot in the desert.
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