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Treehouse Festival Volume Three : Acid Bloom

The Treehouse Festival psychedelic seeds were planted many months prior, and now
there’s something incredible happening to the flora of the studio.
It’s been slowly growing more wild, but this time like no other time before.
Kaleidoscope chemicals have stained the flowers and leaves all around.
Through some sort of miracle of self organization, the flowers have created intricate patterns and arrays, and have overgrown the space.

It has left us with no other option than to embrace this unnatural spring occurrence, and succumb to our Third Volume of Treehouse Festival : Acid Bloom.

Patterns on patterns of floral print adorn the glowing festivilians. They blend into the background of an evergreen rainbow. Bodies and flowers alike are being painted all shades and tones as people start to wonder who is wearing proper garments, and who is wearing a painted facade.

Sounds of jazz, funk, electronic and worldly grooves ease our come up. Sounds so organic they seem to have taken on a heartbeat of their own. The crowd is overcome with synesthesia as their mind’s eye perceives the audio as funky visual flowers bouncing before their eyes.

The treehouses above display vivid eye sugar like projections of our blossoming pasts and futures, showing us the natural world as pure as it once began. Our souls call out for us retreat to the jungles, forests and gardens of the world to soothe our minds, and live synonymously with Mother Earth, and here we lie, in a jungle garden wonderland hidden inside the vast city. The spirit of this abstract art residence allows us to explore and unwind with unhindered freedom.

The Acid Bloom has begun, and we are all intertwined within the romance of the Treehouse’s beautiful efflorescence.

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Treehouse Festival and Birthday Party single ticket

400.000 VND
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