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Wanna become a Data Engineer? Why not take your first step together with like-minded fellows at our workshop:

Understanding Texts via  Topic extraction - A quick introduction
10:00AM - 12:00PM | David Alejandro Prz

A lot of the information available is unestructured (i.e:  news articles, company reports, tweets, chat conversation). When you have big collections of text, it becomes essential to understand what it is about.

This could be useful for search, marketing or even more complicated tasks such as recommendations.

The workshop would address some of the basic methods for addressing this problem such as entity Linking, LDA.

We will also walk through some easy examples using NLTK and Gensim (NLP libraries for python). 


Alejandro is a data lover and has been working in many related projects before. He is travelling around the region and plans to fall in love with Vietnam soon.

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