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The objetive of this event is to use tango as a way to gain awareness of leadership and teamwork.

Tango is a form of dance originated in Argentina. Working-class men from the port neighborhoods in Buenos Aires first performed it.

How does tango relate to leadership?

One dancer is the leader while the second follows. Tango absolutely rests on leading and following. But the dance can only reach the greatest heights of expression when there’s a non-hierarchical relationship between the leader and the follower.

Communication, co-operation, understanding, intuition and versatility from both dancers is essential.

Just doing the steps isn’t dancing. The ‘magic’ that turns it into a dance rests on other things.

During our event you can get:

  • Understanding your own role in your personal and professional life.
  • Skills to be a good leader and a good follower.
  • The invitation to explore the subject further by questions.
  • An opportunity to get a taste of what is coming in the Inspiring Women Program.

Do you have to dance? Only if you want to. We will have interaction with the dance instructors, but no worries if you are not a dancer, the objetive is to understand your leader/follower style.

Dress code? none, just come as yourself.

Do you need to bring a partner? No, but you can if you want to! Ladies, you can bring your significant other to learn more about your leadership style. So, yes, men are welcomed to join!

We have a special discount of $50,000 VND for couples!

Come to learn and have fun!

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Single Ticket

300.000 VND
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Couple's Ticket

550.000 VND
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50,000 VND discount for couples

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Inspiring Women Program

Inspiring Women is a program designed to encourage women to move forward in their projects and ideas, focus on activities that energize them, or maybe change something they don’t currently like. With our program, women can rediscover creativity, find solutions or alternative courses of action, and dare to venture and take decisions toward their dreams.

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