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Formula 1 (F1®) is a high-speed open-wheel sports car racing industry ranked highest by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), the world governing body of motor sports.


Hanoi - Vietnam will officially join the F1® family from 2020, which is the first new destination of F1® Racing since Liberty Media Group took over F1® from 2018. F1® Hanoi Circuit is located in Nam Tu Liem District, a combination of street circuit and part of the planned area of My Dinh National Sports Complex, promising to bring new challenges for for racers and fans.

The hosting of F1® race will have positive impacts on the economic, cultural and social developments of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular on all aspects:

1. The presence of World class racers.
2. Putting Hanoi and Vietnam names on the world map of major sporting events.
3. Strongly developing the market of goods, souvenir products, household goods and various types of catering, food and entertainment services.
4. Contributing positively to the development of the domestic automobile industry.


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1.750.000 đ

A Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix General Admission (GA) Ticket gives you the access to all the General Admission zones and it allows you to move freely around the circuit, in order to choose your own perfect point to watch all the Formula 1 action on track . The GA ticket doesn’t offer you a seat but gives you access to the entertainment zones within the circuit which include F1 Fan-Zone, local & international music acts, car displays, cultural festival and food & beverage areas.


9.090.000 đ

Premium Grandstand – Starting Grid is situated on the main straight, overlooking the start/finish line and the pit lane. From this vantage point, you’ll be able to witness the thrilling start of the race, as the lights go out and the cars charge down towards turn 1. As an added bonus you’ll also be able to see across to the stunning pit building, and depending on your seating location, down into the pit lane as well. In other words, you can keep a watch on a large part of the race from this Grandstand view.





In December 2019, the FIA (World Racing Organization) will issue an official announcement on the race date in Vietnam. According to current information, it is expected that the F1 Vietnam event will take place in the first or second week of April. Once the official date of the information is available, it will be posted on the fanpage or website of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix. Please follow our fanpage or visit our website regularly to get updated information.

Benefits of GA ticket: customer can access to all area around the circuit, such as: entertainment activities, music festival, exhibitions...
GA ticket is not included the seats, therefore, to see the race track clearly customer should check-in early to own the good position with the best view. In addition, the whole landscape of the track will also be communicated to the audience through large LED screens arranged in many areas of the track.

Benefits of Premium Grand Stand tickets: a position with seats in the stands, customers will have the opportunity to directly watch riders competing in special positions on the track longer than 5.5km.

According to the current F1 Vietnam Grand Prix policy, children under 2 years old won't be allowed to check-in at the event gate.
In addition, children with a height under 1m will be given free entrance tickets in cases of accompanying their relatives who buy at least two Grand Stand tickets.

Once you own the event ticket, you can freely enter / exit the event portal with the following conditions:
- Guests must always retain their tickets when entering / exiting the main gate of the event in response to requests of control.
- If the guest needs to return after leaving the event, please notify the ticket inspector, the ticket inspector will wear a paper bracelet or stamp on the customer's hand.
- When the visitor returns to the event, make sure to wear a paper bracelet or a wooden stamp on the hand.

Discount codes or incentive programs to buy tickets are not official yet due to still being planned by F1 Vietnam Grand Prix. Please kindly follow the updates on the online portal of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix to get the earliest information.

Currently, there is no official seat diagram. The seating chart is expected to be available in September 2019. However, when choosing a seat for purchased tickets, you will apply the ‘’first come, first serve’’ theory, the system will choose your seat. Sitting for customers based on the time of your purchase with the earliest tickets purchased the system will automatically choose the best seats. Information about the number of seats will be sent to you via email. If you have been selected by the system but want to change, you can contact the hotline for support.

Customers can also purchase tickets in order to pass them on to third parties as gifts or rewards before the event. The ticket does not contain the customer’s name but a bar code containing the personal information of the customer registered on the website. If the customer buys a ticket that needs to transfer tickets to another person, please contact the hotline to record the conversion information of the ticket ownership on the system. In case of any changes or incidents, the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix will only base on the contact with the information of the customer who has registered to own the ticket.

As usual, F1 tickets are issued and sent to customers only 4-6 weeks before the race day, which is around February 2020. However, the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix is researching to have a separate policy for the Vietnamese market, customers in Vietnam can get tickets sooner.Please kindly follow the official information on our fanpage for the latest updates.

1. Pick-up at the Ticketbox office : This method is appplied at the earliest on February 2020.
2. COD: This method only applies to customers who are living in Vietnam and only apply from February 2020.
3. Deliver ticket at registered address: This method is for customers who have successfully paid, tickets will be delivered directly to customers at the registered address.

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