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Professional communication

from Jolie Siam
Leading company in HR and Reception in Viet Nam

As a leading company in HR training from France, Jolie Siam organizes regular courses focusing on office communication, self exploration and personal development. These courses will be once every two months with experienced instructors from HR and communication fields. After finishing 6 courses, you can take the final exam for the "Professional International Communication" certificate qualified by Jolie Siam and our French partner.


DISC – Insights into People’s Mind

Sunday, 11 September 2016, 8:30 AM

*Required number of students: 35

  • Introduce DISC metrics
  • Understand the core traits of human personality
  • Understand other people and find appropriate communication approach in 10 seconds
  • Understand your strengths and improve yourself

Communication Skills for Conflict Resolution

Time schedule will be informed on completion of booking

*Required number of students: 20

  • 3 vital rules for every conversation
  • Interactive game – improve team working quality
  • How to solve conflicts with colleagues and supervisors

Progressive Communication in the workplace

Sunday, August 7 2016, 8:30 AM

*Required number of students: 20

  • Negotiation without collision
  • Indirect communication skills
  • How to refuse and delay politely
  • Practice negotiation skills


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*Required number of students: 20

  • Enhance credibility via phone calls
  • Face-to-face communication for office receptionist
  • DISC - Insight into other's personality for efficient communication
  • How to process an email and generate cool text
  • Progressive communication in the workplace
  • Your image - Your future
  • Summary


Time schedule will be informed on completion of booking

*Required number of students: 20

  • Introduction: the importance of image in doing anything
  • Define professionalism in various occupations
  • Understand and develop your OWN image in 3 steps
  • Learn to ace any interview with small but vital changes
  • Special session: Choose the right color to enhance your aura

Location: Jolie Siam Office, 8th Floor, CMARD 2 Building, 45 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, District 1, HCMC

For the best learning outcome, the course will start when there are at least 15 participants enrolled.

(*)Each voucher is valid for one class. A participant can buy multiple vouchers to attend more classes.
(*) All vouchersare valid for the course organized that month only and cannot be used for later courses (except for when participants inform Jolie Siam in advanced).


Founded in 2006, Jolie Siam has rapidly become the foremost company in welcoming services and HR outsourcing in Vietnam. We benefits from more than 20 years’ experience, combining Western methodology with a deep understanding of Vietnamese culture. We aim to reduce your overheads by helping you achieve a continuity of service with our staff retention techniques, while giving you flexibility in your workforce. We offer a wide range of HR services, with ensured quality, because of our many years experience in the industry, and bespoke training programs for our staff.