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Firmly establishing its place as Vietnam’s most premiere multi-day festival, Quest returns from November 10 -12 for an unforgettable weekend of music, art, discovery and magic. The first event of its kind in the country, Quest has consistently raised the bar, to the point where it is now one of the preeminent festivals across all of Southeast Asia, drawing international acclaim and praise. Combining over 150 of the very best local and international acts across five beautifully crafted stages, the festival includes cinema, boat tours, workshops, street performance, team activities, live and installation art, and much more. Surrounded by the splendour of Vietnam’s natural wonders at Son Tinh Camp, Ba Vi, Quest is a 3-day escape, a communal celebration of music, arts and interpersonal connection amongst nature.

With a staggering roster of talent from across the region and across the globe, music is a fundamental part of Quest’s DNA.
Aerialists, actors, fire spinners, stilt walkers, comedians, and other roving performers will add magic and energy to your experience.
Get creative, learn a new skill or develop a new passion. Whatever your interests, Quest has something to help you nurture them.
The site is alive with interactive installations and opportunities for engagement and exploration with the area.
Stay tuned for more details on the theme so you can become an active part of the festival.
Sit back and chill, and enjoy an eclectic selection on our silver screen.


“Leading the charge in a new movement of grassroots music festivals in the region.” - Mixmag
“One of the best 300 festivals in the world” - Fest 300 / Everfest
“Asia’s best music, arts and culture event.” - Buzzfeed
“One of the most scenic festivals in the world.” - American Express

The Site
Set against a backdrop of beautiful mountains and surrounded on all sides by a lake perfect for swimming, Son TInh camp is the ideal place to spend 3 days in another world. Son Tinh camp features showers, bathrooms and plenty of beautiful flat grassy space to set up your tent if you are camping. Our range of camping packages make accommodation a breeze, with a tent and bedding packages set up for you in advance.
We’ll be adding a fifth stage this year, bringing a solid roster of emerging local talent as well as trail blazing international talent. WIth a deliberately diverse lineup, Quest delivers a wealth of different aural delights, from through to funk, soul, metal and reggae, with the cream of talent that Vietnam has to offer as well as introducing world class international acts from South East Asia and beyond.
Festivals are about much more than just music, we believe in sharing ideas and skills. Indulge your yoga cravings, learn how to master the art of fire spinning, try your hand at improv comedy. Create your own feather earings or design and construct your own crochet mandala. Whatever your interests or passions, Quest is sure to help you nurture them.
Aerialists, actors, fire spinners, stilt walkers, comedians, and other roving performers will add magic and energy to your experience. All of these will appear at random throughout the weekend, and when you least expect it.
Artwork, installations
Each year Quest has elevated the guest experience and this year is no different. Expect to be amazed and delighted as we bring five complete stages to life, each designed and built using indigenous materials, upcycled and recycled materials as much as possible., The site will take on even more intricate beauty as we create visual delights through installations, live art and those little touches which let you know you are at Quest.
What good would such a delicious selection of music, arts and performance be without an equally delicious selection of food? As always, we’ve paired up with a range of Hanoi’s finest culinary institutions to keep you fueled for a weekend’s adventures.
Quest Cinema
Sit back and take time to enjoy our lively cinema selection which will never do you wrong. Quest will be featuring its own dedicated cinema space. This space will feature adapted film festival content, artist-curated music video showcases, philosophical exegesis of cat videos, and audio-visual workshops.
The thing that makes Quest truly beautiful, truly unique. Thanks from Quest.


Be part of the foremost journey away from the city


Earlybird May 6th – June 1st
- 3 day: 1.100.000
- 3 day student: 1.000.000 VND
- 3 day group (8 tix): 7.700.000 VND
- 2 day (Saturday/Sunday): 1.000.000 VND
- 1 day ( Sunday 9am - Close): 600.000 VND
Phase 2: June 2nd – August 1st
- 3 day: 1.300.000
- 3 day student: 1.000.000 VND
- 3 day group (8 tix): 9.100.000 VND
- 2 day (Saturday/Sunday): 1.100.000 VND
- 1 day ( Sunday 9am - Close): 700.000 VND
- 1 day Student (Sunday): 600.000 VND
Phase 3: August 2nd - October 2nd
- 3 day: 1.600.000
- 3 day student: 1.300.000 VND
- 3 day group (8 tix): 11.200.000 VND
- 2 day (Saturday/Sunday): 1.400.000 VND
- 1 day ( Sunday 9am - Close): 800.000 VND
- 1 day Student (Sunday): 600.000 VND
Phase 4: October 3rd – November 8th
- 3 day: 1.800.000 VND
- 3 day student: 1.450.000 VND
- 3 day group (8 tix): 12.600.000 VND
- 2 day (Saturday/Sunday): 1.600.000 VND
- 1 day ( Sunday 9am - Close): 900.000 VND
- 1 day Student (Sunday): 600.000 VND
Gate sales.
- 3 day: 2.500.000 VND
- 2 day (Saturday/Sunday): 2.000.000 VND
- 1 day ( Sunday 9am - Close): 1.000.000 VND



Shared camping 150.000 vnd

Small private tent 500.000 vnd

Medium private tent 650.000 vnd

Grande private tent 1.200.000 vnd

Bedding 200.000 vnd / set (100.000 VND deposit payable when collecting bedding.)


Friday 10 November
Ha Noi - Son Tinh
- 11:00 am
- 2:00 pm
- 7:00 pm
Son Tinh – Ha Noi:
- 10:00 pm
85.000 vnd (1 way)
Saturday 11 November
Ha Noi - Son Tinh
- 10:00 am
Son Tinh – Ha Noi:
- 10:00 pm
85.000 vnd (1 way)
Sunday 12 November
Ha Noi - Son Tinh
- 9:00 am
Son Tinh – Ha Noi:
- 8:00 pm
- 12:00 pm
85.000 vnd (1 way)
Further Information

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Quest Festival supports environmental responsibility and sustainability. Please limit the amount of disposable waste you bring to the festival
Please note no alcohol or glass from outside is allowed on site and this will be strictly enforced.

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