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Bitexco Financial Tower

Bitexco Financial Tower at a height of 262 meters is the tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City up to date. With design concept is taken from the shape of a lotus bud, the Vietnam national flower, Bitexco Financial Tower is not merely a building which is covered in glass and steel, but also a symbol of beauty and the rapid development of Ho Chi Minh City economy, a key economic region in Vietnam. Bitexco Financial Tower is a typical example for creativity and unique design.

Saigon Skydeck

178 m

Deck height

643 m2

NET area

950 m2

Construction area

One of the tower highlights is the first observation in the city at 49th floors. Saigon Skydeck has opened for both domestic and international visitors

Visitors have the opportunity to visit Saigon Skydeck and enjoy full sight of the Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon River and many beautiful views of the city.

You will have the chance to use the facilities and services at this Skydeck. Many activities with special offer prices for different customer groups




Of the world



world's unique



Ho CHi Minh City


Services and utilities

Souvenir Shop

All products were oriented to the traditional values of Vietnamese people. From fashion products, decorative lotus motifs,... have a unique design marked by its own building symbol that visitors can find nowhere else.

Information Touching Screen

When you stand by the placement screen, an image corresponding to the scene outside will appear, and you can read information of scenic location or historic site.


The binoculars are capable of recording up to 360 degrees horizontal and 50 degree angle turns up and down; you can clearly see most detailed landscape which normal eyes cannot see from the height of 178m.

The world of Heineken

Entering The World of Heineken, you will:

  • Experience Heineken's heritage in an interactive way with advanced technology: virtual reality, 4D movie experience (brew your ride), Samsung video wall, Formula 1, and more!

  • Enjoy a perfect beer with 360-degree views of Saigon in the Heineken World Bar, one of the highest bars in Vietnam, in the iconic Bitexco Financial Tower.

  • Have a perfect Heineken experience without going to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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250,000 VND

Monday - Sunday

15:00 - 21:30

180,000 VND

Monday - Sunday

15:00 - 21:30

Notice: Combo ticket admission is not applicable for children under 18 years old and pregnant women.

This special ticket is one-time only, valid until the last day of the month. You can conveniently choose any single day in the month to visit Skydeck. Enjoy your visit!

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