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A Brief Talk on the Development Prospects of 5G and Blockchain

5G technology is a vital force of the digital economy innovation. Due to its high throughput and concurrency, low latency and power consumption, together with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud Services, and Big Data, 5G creates a new era of the global IT infrastructure.

How to Integrate 5G and Blockchain?

What are the 5G Challenges for Blockchain?

The HSN team will be giving a Twitter livestream of the Vietnam Meetup, with our very own Dr Cui - the Chief Technology Advisor. The talk will be in English for all our global community to enjoy! #5G


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Hyper Speed Network

Headquartered in Singapore, invested by top management of WTC Waltonchain, HSN project was launched in June 2019, the world's first 5G eco- public chain and has held roadshows in New York, Colombia, Vietnam, Thailand, Switzerland, and China. HSN gained investment fund by Bianhua Capital, Dragon Network dragonEX and Chainup Technology.

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