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This sales training program will focus on the methodologies of advanced sales communication. At the end of the training you will possess skills to communicate more effectively with each prospect role (i.e. CEO, VP, Marketing Manager, etc) and persona (laggard to the advanced early adopter) you are involved with in your pipeline. This training will increase your ability to address hot topics per prospect, and drive each conversation towards winning more business. This training is beneficial for all levels of sales experience.

Who is this for

Sales persons working in the corporate as well as not-for-profit sectors

Sales Executives and Sales Representatives

Employees working as sales support staff and/or sales admin

Customer Services Staff moving into a sales role

Sales Executives and Account Handlers

Sales Managers, Operations Managers and Account Managers

Customer Service Managers and Relationship Managers

CEO's and Entrepreneurs of whom want to learn sales methods

What will you learn

Advanced Sales Communication Methods

Prospecting Best Practices

Planning For The Sale

Social Selling Communication Methods

Advanced Sales presentation Skills Per Persona

Effective Questioning And Listening Skills

Dealing With Client Objections

Keeping The Prospects Interest Engaged During Follow Up

Proper Forecasting

Lead Trainer

Patrick O’Keefe is a sales training expert that brings over 20 years of experience in B2B & B2C sales, sales management, and corporate sales consulting. His enthusiasm for helping others grow, transition into new sales, or sales management roles shows in his unique ability to coach to the specific needs of a group and/or individual.

To further facilitate learning post training, participants will receive two free coaching sessions with Patrick to be scheduled at their convenience.

What does the training investment include

Tuition for the workshop

Training material for the workshop

2 free sales coaching sessions with the lead trainer, Patrick O’Keefe.


***Training is in english***


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Standard Ticket

930.000 VND
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The Patrick Michael's Group

The Patrick Michael's Group is a sales training, sales coaching, and corporate sales consulting agency based out of Seattle, Wa.

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