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Human Resources (HR) in the age of Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Are you ready?

This Conference will focus on ANTICIPATING, EMBRACING and CAPITALISINGon HR technologies in re-envisioning your 2020 HR plan. As our mindset and expectations towards human capital is changing, we can also develop our skills and the models we will use in planning for the next decade.

This, we can do by understanding that AiHR or Ai assisted processes and systems and the digital platforms and tools available are integral in future-proofing our organisations.

Our keynote speakers will be coming from regional offices in Hong KongSingapore and Vietnam. Our speakers represent the fundamental need to adapt your work practices to the current landscape. Speaking from organisations such as Mercer, the insight provided will be unique and crucial to your companies success in implementing technologies such as Ai.

Additional Speakers TBA*

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UpUp App

Up Up App is an interactive performance management and HR service that rewards employees for completing tasks and hitting targets. This gives the management team full visibility on productivity, allowing more time to focus on the business. When KPI’s or targets aren't hit, the software will alert the management team and suggest creative ways to help the individual achieve those goals. High achievers will be incentivised through a well curated list of rewards based on personal preferences and driven by strong partnerships within food, retail or entertainment promotions.

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