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This Wednesday 11th September, Bam Bam will be welcoming back the legendary French producer and DJ
- Breakbot in his 2nd time playing in Saigon.

Breakbot started off as a one-man band, but began touring and collaborating with singer Irfane Khan-Acito
shortly after his debut in 2009. Their breakthrough came in 2010 with the release of the addictive single
‘Baby I’m Yours’, followed by the hit album By Your Side in 2012 that propelled them into worldwide fame.
Just last year, Breakbot and Irfane released a stunning animation for ‘Another You’, a disco-esque track
featuring Ruckazoid.

Nothing less was expected from the incredibly talented #BREAKBOT  when he performed in Saigon for
HypeAsia in 2018. Beautifully rich, retro sounds infused with modern production techniques and a funky bass
line, the “Baby I’m Your”’s producer really swept the crowd off their feets as he played
Catch these guys at Bam Bam this Wednesday 11th September. It’s gonna be fun.
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Tickets: 500.000 VND (Include 1 complimentary drink)
Time: 9pm - late, Wednesday 11th September 2019
Location: Bam Bam, 41-43 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 1 ,HCM

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500.000 VND
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Bam Bam is a quintessential Bali inspired bar located on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street, the very heart of Saigon, Vietnam. Taking inspiration from the  lifestyle, culture & spirit of Bali, Bam Bam is slightly laid-back yet zestful and sophisticated through her minimalist tropical interiors & ambience.

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