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The Vietnamese economy has witnessed an impressive growth over the past few years, creating many opportunities for investment. Such propitious condition has significantly raised the demand for wealth management as the increase of investment opportunities has aroused interest and attracted attention of many people. Wealth management, therefore, is expected to expand significantly in the years to come and many businesses are looking forward to further catering to the growth potential of wealth management industry in Vietnam.


To answer the key issues on wealth management, we are delighted to invite Mr. Philippe Moschetta, a Professor of Practice in Finance and Risk (AACSB Bridge Program) to share his expertise and insights on the topic “Wealth management for high-net-worth individuals”.


  • The shoemaker has no shoe: Why is it difficult for CFA members to manage their own wealth?
  • What is Total Portfolio Management?
  • How to manage risk as you become richer?
  • Buying External Help: Are you hiring the next Madoff?
  • Selling Wealth Management: Do you have the right profile?


Hanoi event (24 October 2019)

18h – 18h30: Registration + Networking 

18h30 – 19h45: Guest speaker’s Speech + Q&A

19h45 – 20h: Closing Remarks


Early Bird discounted price on or before 23 October 2019, 23:59 ICT

  • CFA Institute Members: Free-of-charge
  • CFA Program Candidates: VND250,000
  • Non-members: VND400,000

Standard Price

  • CFA Institute Members: VND150,000
  • CFA Program Candidates: VND350,000
  • Non-members: VND500,000


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Others - Early Bird Ticket

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250.000 VND
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CFA Program Candidates & CFA Charter Pendings - Standard Ticket

350.000 VND
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CFA Charterholders - Standard Ticket

150.000 VND
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Others - Standard Ticket

500.000 VND
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