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In the context of the worldwide Breton’s week, Gwennyn is coming in Ho Chi Minh City for an exclusive live.

Became the Brittany’s feminine voice during the last 10 years, Gwennyn expresses herself both in the Breton language, English and French. For several years now, Gwennyn is having an international carrer both in Europe but also on the other side of the Atlantic. Singer-songwriter-composer, Gwennyn has recently been awarded by several prizes and congratulations for her new album “Avalon” commended by the specialized press as the best Brittany’s music disc of the last 10 years.

Accompanied by a band of 6 prestigious musicians, poly-instrumentalists and virtuosos, Gwennyn sings a modern Brittany which celebrates its roots and its singularity. Thanks to personal compositions and covers of traditional Breton popular songs, Gwennyn affects, delight and revitalizes by her warm and smooth voice.





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KBBV – Kevredigezh Bretoned Bro Vietnam

KBBV – Kevredigezh Bretoned Bro Vietnam, the Bretons in Vietnam, is an organization which is promoting the culture and the tradition of Brittany in Vietnam for 15 years now. Based on the sharing of the both culture, Vietnamese and Breton, we believe that events and parties can create a wonderful friendship between us by gathering and create fun and warm experiences.

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