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Critical and Creative Thinking Using The Six Thinking Hats Method promotes a common language of communication and effective thinking within an organization in order to harness the thinking potential of all its employees. It is a proven and effective method that allows everyone to separate thinking into six distinct categories in order to focus or direct the thinking or discussion in directions where it is most needed.


Designed for:

The workshop is designed for all business people who wish to improve team-working, hold more productive meetings, generate new ideas, and solve problems faster and enhance their own thinking ability.

Date: 26 September 2019
Location: Sheraton Hotel
Trainer: Chris James (Mr.)
Training fee: 6,000,000 4,200,000
Language: English


Key Benefits:

1. Save time by providing a framework to:

  • Participate in productive “thinking together meetings” that are focused on delivering necessary results
  • Minimize personality conflicts
  • Become better focused and to the point in discussions
  • Separate out: facts from emotions; the positive from the negative; critical thinking from creative thinking
  • Put quiet employees on an equal playing filed with those who are more talkative or monopolize meetings
  • Sidestep egos which get in the way of performance

2. Improve performance by providing a framework to:

  • Make better decisions based on thorough and clear thinking
  • Create communication plans that are clear and concise
  • See all sides of a situation to avoid being blindsided
  • Sort through wide ranges of data, quickly, to work with just the necessary information. Avoid getting bogged down in unnecessary detail
  • Solve problems that are high priority rather than problems that are easy to solve and of little consequence
  • Design action plans that are supported by the group and can be implemented

3. Increase creative and innovative performance by providing a framework to:

  • Generate powerful new ideas that are outside of the mainstream
  • Follow a practical process for idea evaluation
  • Consider a broader range of possible solutions and selecting the one that best meets the business need
  • Select opportunities to pursue based on balancing value against risk
  • Look for innovative solutions more regularly – “ out-think” the competition


Course Content:

1. Traditional Thinking

  • Changing or thinking behaviour
  • Argument and Critical thinking
  • Why argument is inadequate

2. Six Thinking Hats Concept

3. Learning the Hats

  • Blue Hat
  • White Hat
  • Red Hat
  • Yellow Hat
  • Green Hat
  • Black Hat

4. Tools and Techniques for using the Six hats

  • Guidelines for Designing sequences
  • Systemic use of Six Hats
  • Sequencing for specific Outcomes
  • Individually use of Six Hats
  • Occasional use of Six Hats
  • Conversational use
  • Meeting use


About our Trainer:

As  a  Management  Trainer,  Chris  has  a  background  in  Business, Marketing and Sales, and has gained vast experience and knowledge in this field.

He has worked in Europe, North America and Southern Africa, and is a Chartered Marketer with a track record over a 17 year period of having built successful businesses within the pharmaceutical/chemical/textile industry. Chris draws upon this experience in his training at CTS.

Chris has spent over 17 years in Vietnam developing and delivering business and management training courses for over 250 multi-national and Vietnamese companies, as well as State Owned Enterprises.

Chris   has   widespread   experience   in   delivering   business   skills workshops:   Creative Thinking, Presentation,   Negotiation,   Communication,   Customer service etc. Chris’s expertise in management training includes Sales, Marketing, Team Building and Leadership Skills.

Chris uses a communicative/action based learning approach in his training and takes a keen personal interest in the development of his students. As a result, Chris is valued by students and colleagues alike.

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