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CTO Bootcamp 2016

CTO boot camp is the assessment for new CTO to access 5 pillars that CTO should gain and improve for running a company. 


1. 1st round Interview at early of December
2. Invitation to join CTO bootcamp (limited seat) 
3. Bootcamp training starting for 1 weeks. 

CTO Trainer

Nicolas Working for 10 years in the enterprise, outsourcing, and startup environments, Nicolas has a broad understanding of how companies and teams work. 

Loving product development, he is customer-oriented, value-centric, perfectionist, and always looking for improvement. Inspect and adapt is his motto.

Because Nicolas is good enough at having "the big picture", he can easily have integrated discussions with top management about topics such as strategy, vision, business goals but also have detailed and technical discussions with the teams and solve problems or drive the teams to find viable solutions. Nicolas loves to build. Build companies, build products, build teams, build applications. 


By his past experience, he tried and has learned many different technologies from ERP to game development, going through mobile applications and large scale web apps. 

In the past few years, he focused on advanced Web development, Micro-services paradigm, Big-Data / GraphDB and Scrum / Agile / Management 3.0.

Very versatile and able to discuss anything technical, assess value and risks.


1. Assessment certification
2. Job recommendation
3. Graduation certification

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CTO training interview to join.

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