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Create an amazing F&B experience for your customer - How to give customer an amazing end to end experience which they like to share and recommend!

We will have a look at customer feedback, journey mapping and experience management to understand what is important for your F&B clients and how to create a flawless and outstanding end to end experience

- Map the customer journeys for your restaurant, eatery, bar or delivery business

- Understand the needs and expectation of your customer 

- Take actions to improve your customer's experience and to suprise them

- Learn how to provide great customer service, handling complaints, engagement tools, loyalty program and more

Trainer: Carsten Ley

Carsten is the former VP Customer Experience of Lazada Vietnam and has conducted several Customer Experience projects for F&B providers like Milano Coffee and Quan UT UT /Biacraft. He is an avid blogger and tester of F&B services in Saigon and see a lot of room to improve the professialism, adaptivity to different customer groups and service / complint handling. 

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